Get-yours-freeFree N95 Mask for health care worker

Regarding COVID-19.

Since our launch Preppi has strived to get more people prepared before emergency situations arise as opposed to after once supplies are limited.

Since 2014 we have included air respirator masks in our 3-day emergency kits because we knew of their importance for everything from forest fire smoke to pandemics like COVID-19.

Public safety is our top priority and we are here for you!  

When the many recent fires struck California, we reminded our customers their kits had these masks, and for anyone that didn’t have a mask we gave out thousands of them for free.

Preppi now has given away more than 5,000 N95 air respirator masks and we are not stopping now!

Preppi continue to donate supplies to those in need whenever unexpected situations like COVID-19 arise and are donating any surplus masks we can get our hands on to those most in need.